My name is Joke Jaspers. I am 25 years old and I studied criminology in Leuven. After finishing my degree I first wanted to do something new, something exciting before getting myself into the seriousness of work and life. So I started looking for some voluntary work in Africa. It didn’t take long to decide. On the 3th of November 2010 I went to Ghana for six months. I was supposed to go to an orphanage at the sea cost, but I ended up in a school in Esaase, a small village near Kumasi in Central Ghana. (that happens if you travel with an African organization. Arrangements are never certain) I was going to be a teacher for the next six months.

Mr Boateng, my host father, however, asked me if I wanted to teach in another school. His daughter Emelia started a new school in Asuadei three weeks before I arrived and they could use some help. So I initially started in class one as a teacher and when we had enough local teachers, I became the tutor and sports teacher. During my six month in Asuadei, I already decided that I wanted to keep supporting Emelia’s project. Emelia and her family became my family and my heart stayed in Asuadei. I promised them my lifetime support.

In november 2013 Kim Van Genechten joined me on my yearly visits to Asuadei. She was already interested in the project and was already supporting our school. But she wanted to see for herself. After a few days of adjustment, she started to love the land and the people just as I do. She decided to join me in the project and I was happy to accept this proposition. 

Dear Guest, on this website you will find their story. A story that partially became mine as well. Please, feel free to look around. Questions and remarks are always welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank you



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